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Indxx clean energy index trading fund licensed

Indxx announced the licensing of their Indxx US Clean Energy Tech Index to KSM Mutual Funds Ltd. The index will serve as the underlying benchmark for KSM KTF (4A) Indxx US Clean Energy Tech Currency Hedged.

The Indxx US Clean Energy Tech Index (Ticker: IUCETI) seeks to accurately and comprehensively measure the performance of companies that provide goods and/or services towards clean energy and related technologies that enable clean and/or low-carbon emissions.

“With global emissions of greenhouse gases continuing to rise and countries around the world making pledges to enact sharp cuts to those emissions, clean energy technologies are scaling up rapidly,”  said Rahul Sen Sharma, Managing Partner at Indxx. “Our Index provides exposure to companies that are actively involved in bringing about this clean-energy technology revolution. We are excited to partner with KSM Mutual Funds to bring this sustainability focused strategy to the Israel market.”

Added Vaibhav Agarwal, Chief Revenue Officer at Indxx, “Clean energy technology is extremely crucial in combatting problems affecting our planet. Our US Clean Energy Tech Index captures the performance of the companies primarily involved in providing clean technology services such as renewable energy, storage cells, smart vehicles, etc. With a global energy crisis looming around the corner, we believe that the shift to clean energy is an absolute necessity.”

As of August 10, 2021, the index has 47 constituents. The index has been back tested to March 31, 2016 and has a live calculation date of April 23, 2021

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