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iPhone 7 Plus Ad Shows Off The Camera's Potrait Mode

Apple has released a new ad that touts the camera capabilities of its flagship iPhone7 Plus. The new advert from Apple shows off what iPhone 7 Plus owners can do with the device’s Portrait mode.

The Portrait mode of the iPhone 7 Plus works in tandem with the smartphone’s dual cameras.

The 60-second long advert entitled iPhone 7 Plus – Take Mine has been shot in Greece and is reminiscent of a segment from a movie.

The ad – which was posted on the company’s YouTube channel on Saturday, Jan. 7, begins with shots of a grandma hugging her granddaughter. The grandmother greets and welcomes her teenage granddaughter lovingly.

The scene then shifts to the home where the granddaughter can be seen taking pictures of the grandmother using the iPhone 7 Plus’ new Portrait mode.

Such is the excitement surrounding the fabulous quality of the picture that the entire family gets wants to be clicked. As the commercial progresses, you can see random people from the bread seller to the fisherman asking the girl to take their picture “Take Mine” they say.

The subtitles on the ad make one feel like a movie is unfolding before their eyes. The Apple advert ends on the note of the Portrait mode of the iPhone 7 Plus being “practically magic.”

The ad is a part of Apple’s “practically magic” iPhone commercial series which started with Balloons in September and ended the year in December with Frankie’s Holiday.

What Is The Portrait Mode?

“Portrait mode on the iPhone 7 Plus helps you take great portraits by creating a depth-of-field effect that blurs backgrounds and brings faces into beautifully sharp focus. So now, taking a professional-looking portrait is as easy as snapping a photo,” per Apple

The Portrait mode was a late addition to the iPhone 7 Plus. While Apple had announced the plans of integration in September 2016 at the time of the device’s launch, it was pushed out as a new functionality with the iOS 10.1 in October 2016.

This mode was made available to the iPhone 7 Plus primarily because it tends to make full utility of the dual cameras simultaneously to detect the depth.

The smartphone’s telephoto and wide angle lenses, alongside it is complex computer vision algorithms and depth mapping helps in creating a series of image layers. With the assistance of a few inputs from the user, the mode is effectively able to sharpen certain layers of the subject, and then selectively blur others using a unique customized technique.

Check out the new iPhone ad below.

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