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John McCain – The Rise And Fall Of An American 'Hero'

Authored by ‘Vaniam’ via The Burning Platform blog,

This is an Arizona patriot’s unique view on John Sydney McCain

As of late, we the people of Arizona are very shocked to see what he has become. He is a caricature of a man who, around here, is about as popular as the ping-pong president. How could the people of Arizona, the state that brought you the O.K. Corral, the Grand Canyon, constitutional carry, and sunshine 360 days a year re-elect such a steaming lumpen pile?

The truth is that Arizona like many other states is really two states, Arizona the free and Arizona the slave. The free side is much how you would imagine a free and prosperous state. Resplendent and sublime examples of the master artist’s work are everywhere. The people out here are old school salt of the earth. Cowboys get along with Indians, bikers get along with hippies, liberals with conservatives. Its a place, as my venerated 77 year old neighbor once said to me, “everybody knows everybody’s business but minds their own.” People are kind and polite, willing to help a stranger.

The down side of Arizona is Maricopa county, or as we call it out here, “the late great state of Maricopa,” which is Phoenix and the metro areas surrounding the capitol. The geographic area is roughly ten percent of the land mass but over sixty percent of the human population. This creeping concrete jungle is dependent on the good grace of the rest of the state for its water and power.

As of late it seems this mini metropolis has been infected with the Soros self destructing ideals of wholly owned politicians, defective voting machines, and a spike in immigrants from places where we can’t even say their names. There is a mountain of circumstantial evidence that Maricopa county is compromised as far as elections go. Do you really believe that Sheriff Arpio lost the election to a cop who has always been pro illegal immigration? Or that local reported irregularities, in mainly democrat controlled precincts, somehow did not favor the Soros-Obama machine. I know, fake news right?

I have some pretty vivid memories of growing up in Arizona. We were still part of the wild west, all our roads and days seemed to stretch before us beyond the vast horizon. America still seemed on the ascendancy even though looking back we had probably reached our peak years before my birth. Even after watching in horror as we bugged out of Saigon and dumped our helicopters into the bottom of the ocean we still believed in hero’s.

In the early 1980’s the people of Arizona were sold on the heroism of John Sydney McCain. McCain moved to Arizona and was sold as a hero. The powers that be needed him to replace a genuine hero, Sen Barry Goldwater. Had we the people known at that time about his multiple affairs, divorcing his disabled wife, and marrying a beer heiress for her fortune and political connections, he would have never won his first race. The people of Maricopa county at that time were not soft shoe, plaid pants, neo cucks like the majority are today.

I will never forget McCain speaking to my high school during his first campaign. After his little speech it was opened up for questions. Most were along the lines of ‘do you like Coke or Pepsi best?’or some other inanities. When my turn came I stood up and asked “Will you give us your word as an officer and a gentleman that you are not now or will never be a member of the trilateral commission or any other organization which gives away American sovereignty?”(I was a political junkie even as a kid.) After being somewhat stunned at the question his answer was along the line of ‘Of course I would never do anything that goes against the constitution’ yada, yada, yada.

If McCain was ever a maverick looking out for the peoples’ interests this illusion came to an end once he went to the senate. He immediately started to hang out with some of the earliest known swamp creatures. Receiving over one million dollars from land swindlers who cost taxpayers over three billion dollars (in 1980’s dollars) in what many experts claim led the southwest United States into a major recession. It also cost thousands of retires their life savings which they thought were safe in real estate backed bonds. This was the beginning of the long swath of destruction that the not so honorable gentleman from Virginia continues to leave in his wake, without a clue (or a care) for the people of this world he harms.

Doddering old fool or criminally insane madman?

Insanity or madness can be described as becoming a danger to oneself or others. We can certainly prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that McCain is a danger to others. Just ask the relatives of the tens of thousands dead from the endless wars, or the relatives of the 6000 plus American KIAs in the last fifteen years. As far as being a danger to himself we may never know unless and until some brave hacker shows us how John spends his spare time. McCain has done America dirty in so many ways over the decades. We need an encyclopedia to document it all. So we will just go over some of the more egregious recent examples.

During the last government shut down Obama closed memorials and parks that belong to we the people. This was done as a mean spirited, vindictive maneuver that especially hurt WW2 vets coming to DC to see the new memorial dedicated to them. These men, who are almost all gone, were denied what to them what would have been a great honor. Some lowly park rangers put up puny little show gates for the media, that denied access to the veterans. Despite his office being hammered with calls telling him to fix this, McCain refused to do the honorable thing. He did nothing. He couldn’t be bothered. Had he shown up and demanded the veterans be allowed in he would have done a thing of a truly non partisan nature, and in some ways been heroic. Now the stain of this incident will follow him the rest of his days.

The Phoenix VA is the worst in the country. As the senior Senator on the Armed Services Committee, McCain bears full responsibility for this. Again if he had acted as an honorable man, made sure more people were fired not just given their golden government parachutes we might be going in the right direction to fix this deplorable situation. It has been 6 to 12 years (depending on your perspective) since the problems with the VA began to come to light. The waiting lists still exist. Men and women who picked up the phone when Uncle Sam called them up are still second fiddle to a self feeding, self promoting parasitic bureaucracy.

It is well documented that McCain and his little buddy have armed and funded ISIS. Many pictures of them exist yucking it up with those who would do us harm. As if we didn’t have enough enemies already it seems we need more. All in the name of full spectrum dominance by our deep state uni-party.

Presently McCain is trying to force us into an unnecessary confrontation with the Russian federation. McCain also wants war with China, North Korea, Syria, Iran, and Ukraine. McCain seems to have no concern, compassion or remorse for the tens of thousands of deaths he has been responsible for. This madness has gotten out of hand. It has created an endless loop of more death, destruction, collateral damage, and rapefuges. Throw in some reconstruction projects for his cronies a little global insecurity and a dash of ignominy on our once highly esteemed fighting forces and it becomes clear why the whole world hates us.

In light of McCain’s 35 years of “service,” after 16 years and over 6,000 military deaths from these endless wars, it might just be time to rethink our strategy. If the New York Don can keep landing blows against the fake media, as he wins a few more hearts and minds, at some point the governor of the universe may once again see America as worthy of the eternal blessings of liberty, then divine providence will enable us to smite this vile depravity known as the deep state uni-party.

McCain needs to go to all 152 homes in Arizona who have lost loved ones in the endless wars. Starting at my friends house, his 22 year old son was killed by an IED near Taji Iraq in 2006.McCain should kneel and grovel in each darkened doorway with his face down buns up, begging forgiveness from the families of his victims.

Seriously dude 35 years is a long time. Any “good work’ you might have done at one time has long since been nullified by the endless war years. If you haven’t achieved whatever it was you originally set out to do, at 80 years old you never will.. If you haven’t amassed all the filthy lucre your family will need after your gone I am afraid you are out of luck.

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