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LG G6 pre-orders may start at Verizon this Friday, for a reasonable $672


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I’ve been using a non-final LG G6 unit for a couple of weeks and have decided this is likely my next Android phone, depending on the price.

Rumors have indicated we might see the LG G6 launch on 7 April, a week after Samsung announces the Galaxy S8 and before the S8 hits the streets. According to information that Android Central received, the LG G6 will be available for pre-order from Verizon this Friday with availability on 7 April or possibly 30 March.

The price will only be $672, $28 per month for 24 months. This is an excellent price and given that T-Mobile is usually a bit less than Verizon I may be able to buy one at T-Mobile for $649.

While $599, price of the Huawei Mate 9, is a steal for a flagship smartphone, the $672 Verizon price is a reasonable price. That’s $120 less than the Galaxy S7 Edge launched at and the Galaxy S8 is likely to be priced the same or greater than that. $672 is about $100 less than the 32GB iPhone 7 Plus and $200 less than the comparable 128GB 7 Plus, understanding that the LG G6 has a microSD card slot for inexpensive storage expansion.

Given the possible pre-order date of this Friday, we should soon see official carrier announcements regarding the LG G6. I hope to soon have a full retail version of the LG G6 and will then be able to post my full review and analysis.

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