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Man admits suicide attempt after his wife takes her life over cleaning row

DUBAI // A man admitted trying to kill himself so he could be with his bride, who took her own life after a dispute over cleaning the kitchen.

The 30-year-old Indian nurse admitted a charge of attempted suicide after returning home on April 20 at 11.30pm to find his newly-wed wife hanging form the fan in their Al Qusais home.

Earlier that day, at 1.45pm, the couple had lunch, during which they argued about cleaning the kitchen.

“I got angry and told her that her mother did not prepare her well for marriage and how to clean,” said the defendant.

He added that his wife got angry but followed him into the bedroom to talk.

“I told her I don’t want to talk to her, or else we will argue,” he said, adding that she left him and locked herself in the next room.

The man said he shouted on his wife but she wouldn’t answer, then he phoned her from the bedroom but she didn’t pick up, so he got angry and left a note stating that he would get out of her life and then left.

Later that night he returned home to find that she was still locked inside the room.

“I called her, knocked on the door, but no answer. The apartment was very silent, so I broke the door and found her hanging, lifeless,” said the nurse, who cut the rope the woman made from her clothes from around her neck and tried to save her by performing CPR but he failed.

The defendant then said he was in shock and didn’t want to live without her.

“I got a knife and slit both my wrists, then called police,” he said.

As he bled from both wrists, he attempted CPR on his wife again.

“I was in shock, crying and bleeding, then police arrived with an ambulance,” he said.

The defendant awaits a verdict from Dubai Misdemeanours Court later this month.

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