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Mawazine Festival 2017: Fares Karam says new music video will be more sensitive

Fares Karem fans should expect a more subdued video to the new single Min Min. The Lebanese pop star made the comments from the Mawazine Festival on May 16, a few hours before his concert in the capital Rabat.

Karam says the move was partly in response to critics weary of the saucy nature of his videos, particularly last year’s Wala Hob, Wala Bateekh.

“After the backlash that I received for that song I said I wouldn’t a put a woman with me on this new song,” he said. “Instead I got a young girl and I play her father. It is more sensitive and I hope that people will like it.”

Karam also criticised the recent glut of Arabic television talent shows. The 43-year old singer was bemused when asked on his thoughts on the Arabs Got Talent finale on MBC this weekend.

“Look, talking generally without focusing on any specific shows, I just find that everything has become social media. We have stopped paying attention or following a certain artist’s career path. There are so many programmes you just don’t who has real talent anymore,” he says. “There are many shows, but not many stars. And the ones that often have that real talent they get over looked due to management, marketing or whatever. The aim of these shows is just the voting itself, which is all marketing. It is rarely about talent.”

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