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Missed the June EB-5 filing Deadline? There is still a chance to file under $500,000 rules

For the many families that missed the June 30, filing deadline for the U.S. EB-5 immigrant investor visa, there is still a chance to submit your application and capture the $500,000 rules this September. The EB-5 immigrant investor visa allows for a prospective investor to obtain U.S. residency ahd Green Card for their spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21.

Since June 30, 2021 the Regional Center pilot program has been suspended by Congress and prospective investors who could not file in the week between 22 June and 30 June were left in disappointment at missing the filing date and possibly missing the opportunity to file under the $500,000 rules. According to various industry leaders the program is set to be reauthorized by September 30, 2021, however, after the reauthorization foreign nationals will only have a short window of opportunity to file under the $500,000 rules. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Federal Agency still retains the powers to introduce policies that could either increase the investment amount back to $900,000 or stagger the increments to try and meet current inflation rates.

Comparing the program with other national visa programs in various other countries there is an evident trend to increase the investment amount based on the inflation rate at the time. The U.S. EB-5 program has been consistent for almost 3 decades and therefore economically it is justifiable that the Federal agency would fight for the increment of the required capital investment.

Shai Zamanian of the American Legal Center urges investors to seek assistance from experienced EB-5 specialists that will guide them in ensuring that they do not miss this last chance to file under the $500,000 rules. On 11 September 2021 at the Skyview Address Hotel, Shai Zamanian, U.S. licensed lawyer and top EB-5 consultant will be hosting an educational seminar for prospective investors that want to learn more about their filing options. He will cover various topics regarding the EB-5 program and will have an opportunity to ask him one on one questions after the seminar. To RSVP contact The American Legal Center today.


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