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New economic evolution of the world


The needs of people are growing every day in the modern world. As a result, the question of how to provide yourself and your family with a stable level of income becomes especially acute. The number of jobs and opportunities to earn money has decreased during the pandemic. At best, people’s incomes have remained at the same level, at worst, they have fallen drastically. Unfortunately, most of the time people are engaged in survival, they are preoccupied with how to pay for an apartment, pay off a mortgage or a car loan. In this situation, the issue of additional sources of income and the ability to receive passive income becomes especially relevant.

What is NEEW

The New Economic Evolution of the World (NEEW) is an ideology that self-implements through creating a holistic ecosystem. This ecosystem includes projects such as the “Academy of a Private Investor” (API) financial and investment training portal by Andrey Khovratov (picture above), Swiss company UGPay Group AG, which has the right to sell WCRU tokens (the value of which is supported by assets of real companies in more than 27 different sectors of the economy), an international payment system Global Unit Pay, crypto exchange UnitEx, a digital platform for business uGain as well as a marketing campaign Evorich aimed at the development of NEEW.

Andrey Khovratov (general director of the “Academy of a Private Investor” shared his opinion about this system with us: “What can we achieve with the help of NEEW? First of all, we can stimulate our own economy. When people use the goods and services of a particular brand, then, being co-owners of the enterprise, they can both stimulate its development and become a consumer of its products. People can already choose what to invest in. In addition, each person can become a participant in projects we are implementing that are created under NEEW. I believe that the new economic evolution of the world is actually already working in different territories and in different economic systems”.

Marketing campaign Evorich

Evorich is a holistic marketing campaign which was created with the goal of attracting partners with different income levels so that they can start earning on it. The mission of the company is to help people find financial independence and freedom. Almost 2 million people from different countries are Evorich partners.

Evorich provides a wide range of opportunities for education and increasing the level of income, thanks to a unique marketing tool – multilevel crowdinvesting (MLCI). The chief executive officer of Evorich Mila Serdjukova told us how MLCI works: “It is unique in that this business includes three elements. Firstly, people become customers. Secondly, each person becomes an entrepreneur and they can work for their own structure or organization or evolve globally and help a company in a broad understanding. And the third element is investment. Each person who is an agent, a businessman, he is also a co-owner. And probably it is the biggest advantage. Business of the 21 century is no longer a grocery or manufacturing business, it is a business of people, community. That is why MLCI is bringing people together”.

The main advantages of MLCI:

– access to exclusive products and services on the market;

– access to educational seminars and trainings;

– ability to work from home;

– ability to build your own profitable business;

– creation of many sources of income;

– ability to invest in the global investment portfolio.


Summing up, we can say that NEEW leads people to change their way of thinking. To reach that goal, Evorich provides a wide range of educational opportunities, including personal growth training, which have helped many people around the world start believing in themselves.  Through training, the introduction of a new economic model and communication with a multi-million community of professionals, each person can change their worldview, constantly develop, and, as a result, improve the quality of their lives.

Contributed by Evorich

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