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Newscaster’s big sleepy yawn interrupts local weather report

The news never stops, which begs the question: Do newscasters ever get a moment of peace to rest?

Apparently not.

KSCH12 News reporter and journalist Deedee Sun was tired while reporting out in the field, and thought the weather report was a safe time to express her exhaustion. Unfortunately, just as Sun was letting out a giant yawn, the weather feed cut to her, broadcasting this sleepy moment for everyone to see. 

Sun, a great sport, posted a video of the mistake on Facebook:

Meteorologist jokes that “Deedee looks a little tired out there, doesn’t she?” when the feed cuts to her but, she recovers gracefully by acknowledging the yawn and blaming the calmness of the area for the brief moment of relaxation. 

Sun jokes in her post, “Adding this one to the blooper reel! Someone accidentally pushes the right button at just the right time to catch my GIANT yawn hahha! 😂😭 And yes, , I was a little tired out there :P.” 

Whoops! And, Deedee, please get some rest, girl.

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