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Oasis of Dignity to honour courage of UAE heroes

ABU DHABI // The site built to honour the UAE’s heroes will be named Wahat Al Karama – or Oasis of Dignity – Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed announced at the memorial on Wednesday.

Sheikh Mohammed, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, said the memorial was a cultural landmark that reflected the country’s pride in the sacrifices by its heroes.

It is a place where the values of dignity, unity and solidarity for the sake of the nation are enshrined, he said.

Among the poems inscribed on the plates that make up the memorial is one written by Sheikh Zayed, the Founding Father.

Sheikh Mohammed said that the people of the UAE would forever remember the brave sacrifices made by its heroes to keep the country free and proud.

The heroes who so loyally served their country were an example to be followed, and would inspire future generations of young Emiratis to be devoted and loyal to their homeland, he said.

Sheikh Mohammed said that the heroes gave their lives to preserve the UAE’s achievements.

That sacrifice allowed citizens and residents to carry on in the same spirit of hard work and ambition that was established by the Founding Fathers.

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