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Oman Air sets up fund to support staff in need – Banking & Finance

Oman Air, the country’s national carrier, has announced a new initiative to support its employees during hard times.

Wings of Support is an employee fund which offers and maintains financial support to staff, the airline said in a statement.

It added that staff who fall under financial crisis due to various reasons can now be aided after becoming a member of Wings of Support.

The fund will be eligible to existing Oman Air employees who are on head office payroll and members of the scheme which will come into effect from May 1. Once registered to the scheme, employees can receive its benefit from the fund after completing one year as an active member of Wings of Support.

A committee has been formed to evaluate and approve the entitlement of those who have applied for financial benefits.

Members can only claim once every two years and the scheme will also support staff diagnosed with prolonged sickness and their family with basic needs such as utility bills and groceries “for a reasonable period”.

The committee will be exploring various investment options that will further enhance the program’s fund, the statement added.

Dr Abdulrazaq Alraisi, executive vice president Corporate Services and Business Development said: “The establishment of this initiative demonstrates the willingness among our employees to support each other in times of potential hardship.

“Being part of Oman Air’s family, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality of support for our staff and we actively encourage among our staff to support each other.

“With the new Wings of Support, we are delighted to have created a safety net that can limit the stress and assess the employees.”

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