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Osterhout Design Group intros new wearable googles for hazmat workers


ODG’s new R-7 HL goggles.

Osterhout Design Group (ODG) announced a new pair of wearable googles aimed at hazmat workers.

Dubbed the R-7 HL, ODG says the googles are a ruggedized enhancement of the its existing R-7 glasses built to withstand “Hazardous Location” certifications. The ruggedness certifications include drop, shock, vibration, splash, dust and temperature extremes, as well as safeguards for potential explosive environments.

The R-7 HL’s hardened packaging targets customers in extreme environments, such as mining, pharmaceutical testing, and aerospace transportation. ODG says 50 percent of current R-7 customers go into harsh work environments, and that the R-7 HL gives them the flexibility to use the system when extreme conditions arise.

Last year ODG raised $58 million in an effort to expand its smart glasses and augmented reality footprint from government and enterprise customers to consumers. At this year’s 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, ODG made good on that effort an unveiled its R-8 and R-9 smart glasses. The devices were designed to complement existing devices and provide augmented reality experiences and 3D interfaces for gaming that could bridge work and consumer applications.

(via PCMag)

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