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Prisma Gets Better Photo Quality And Social Feed, Ditches Square Aspect Ratio

It isn’t magic but close. The Prisma app helps turn mere smartphone photographs into high-resolution artistic images with the use of its AI-based neural network servers. To enhance and tweak images on the app, Prisma performs precalculated algorithms.

To keep its users, Prisma promises to deliver a continuous flood of new filters, features, and effects. Recently, the app also doubled the photo resolution to deliver high-quality output. Today, the app has a social feed, and it has officially ditched the restrictive square aspect ratio in photos.

Since its debut last June, Prisma, an AI-based app, has already grown to become a popular photo-manipulating app. It is continuously becoming a crowd favorite especially now that new features have been unveiled.

Art Filters And Free Aspect Ratio

Users can now resize photographs within the app in free aspect ratio instead of the square template. Unlike Instagram, Prisma tackles photo editing in an art-inspired sense using techniques of famous artists.

To keep up with other applications, Prisma also launched its own social media feed. Images tweaked using the app can be seen in a feed using a location-based system. It is designed to be visible in the user’s vicinity, but reports say that as the number of likes increases the wider the photo’s reach would be. Last October, it also unveiled artistic filters that could be applied to videos.

The entire feed and Prisma process are highly dependent on the number of likes. In this app, consistency is key. If a photograph has managed to gather likes, the user’s next posts have a higher chance of getting more likes and reaching more audience as well.

“A shared artwork can only be seen by people nearby,” a Prisma official shared to VentureBeat. “Every like spreads the post further increasing its range of appearing in people’s feed. Theoretically, a user can post a picture, get likes, and watch his or her post spread and cover the whole world.”

Photo Resolution

Since smartphones have increased resolution, the app also increased photo quality from 1080 x 1080 to 2,300 with the 5.29-megapixel output. Just like Instagram, users can follow other Prisma aficionados by following them within the app.

Prisma filters were available on Facebook Live for some time but it has already been disabled. Last August, it was announced that another cool feature will be available to iOS devices that will allow Apple users to edit even while offline.

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