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RTA develops 64 innovative ideas to bring happiness to customers, increase metro & tram ridership

06 January 2017

Roads and Transport Authority – Nashwan Atta’ee:

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has adopted 64 innovative ideas focused on improving customers’ happiness and increasing the ridership of Dubai Metro & Tram as part of long-term plans. Such plans are subject to reviewing, broadening and upgrading according to a timeline overseen by RTA’s Rail Agency.

To this effect, RTA’s Rail Agency has recently held an innovation lab under the theme (Enhancing Customers Happiness and Increasing Dubai Metro & Tram Ridership). Participants debated an array of concepts and came up with 25 innovative ideas about customers’ happiness, 14 ideas about increasing Dubai Metro & Tram ridership, 14 ideas for implementation over the long run, and 11 innovative ideas classified as moderate.

Attendants of the lab included Abdul Mohsen Ibrahim Younes, CEO of RTA’s Rail Agency; directors & staffs of Rail Agency, and representatives of Thales, one of the key companies dealing with the Rail Agency, in addition to representatives of metro riders, especially the disabled.


“The Lab discussed current scenarios for the future of metro & tram at RTA, identified the existing challenges and discussed the best solutions possible in order to realize RTA’s objectives in this regard,” said Younes.

“We meet here today to share innovative ideas to come up with the best solutions for customers happiness, and offer creative services capable of attracting additional riders to Dubai Metro & Tram, the two most recent and convenient transit means in Dubai,” he said.

Abdul Mohsen praised the positive role of these initiatives as they help motivate the concerned individuals to offer smart, effective & sustainable ideas & solutions for adding more happiness to customers and augmenting the ridership of the metro & tram. We were faced with a host of diverse challenges, which prompted us to hold this innovative lab in a bid to work out solutions that serve the needs of community members and match RTA’s strategic goals (People Happiness),” added the CEO of RTA’s Rail Agency.

The Lab conforms to the drive of Dubai Government towards supporting innovation, and RTA’s plan in diffusing the innovation culture to ensure the success of projects delivered at the highest global standards and fulfill RTA’s strategy to increase both customers’ happiness and ridership of mass transit means. The event is part of RTA’s commitment to hold government innovative labs for leveraging the performance through raising creative ideas that help provide a superb working environment in Dubai.

As part of arrangements for this Lab, RTA has rolled out a campaign via social media portals (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram), which have generated 1379 public responses. The campaign screened the views & suggestions of community members about the possible improvements to the metro & tram services that make them feel happier. The campaign also included holding an interactive discussion panel with the public on November 15 last year through the said social media channels.

Situated at the Dubai Tram Depot at Al Sufouh, RTA’s Innovative Lab is the first government innovation lab in Dubai. It comprises training halls fitted with sophisticated equipment, areas for holding brainstorming sessions, a gorgeous innovation club designed to the highest standards to nurture an inspiring innovative environment, a platform for presenting and debating ideas, and interactive display monitors enabling the sharing of visual contents between members. These monitors interface with smartphones & handheld computers of participants enabling wireless display of contents. The lab also contains supporting facilities such as a resting hall, prayer room, and meeting halls.


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