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Sleep: Luxury or Necessity?

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The modern pace of life often makes many of us neglect sleep. We mistakenly think that it takes too much time, which can be spent on doing something more important. Is it possible to sleep less or is it worth giving up this idea? We decided to ask Choi En Djun, Doctor of Medical Sciences and Chief Physician of the Center of European and Oriental Medicine, Member of American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO), Association of oncologists of Russia.

According to the latest research, a person spends about 30% of his or her life asleep. Every day, our body goes through two stages of sleep in stages. During the first, “slow” one, we completely relax, all processes slow down. But in the second, “fast” sleep, we literally wake up in a motionless state: the heart rate increases, the information that we received during the day is assimilated, due to which we often see dreams.

During sleep, we fully renew our strength, both physical and mental. As one of the latest scientific studies has shown, in order to fully restore resources, a person needs on average about 8 hours of adequate sleep.

However, we often neglect this part of life in our attempts to keep up with everything. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to return to the previous regime. In severe cases, doctors prescribe medication. At the same time, such treatment, according to practical data, is not always successful: people can fight insomnia for years.

Choi En Djun has a different approach to this problem. He has developed an individual program that allows you to restore sleep in a short time and is safe for both adults and children. It is based on several methods that are used depending on the patient’s requests. For example, during acupuncture, getting to the right points on the body, the doctor literally gradually sets the body on the path of a speedy recovery. Osteopathy has a similar effect: without medication, the doctor removes the clamps that can cause sleep disturbance. To speed up the processes triggered by this method, Choi En Djun often prescribes individual homeopathic remedies or uses apitherapy. The last one promotes healing through natural remedies. It should be noted that the treatment program for each patient is selected individually.

People from all over the world who have been suffering from bad quality sleep or severe insomnia for years go to Choi En Djun. Recommendations of friends and acquaintances who were able to restore sleep after following the doctor’s recommendations stimulate not to postpone the appointment.

Today, many of us perceive sleep as an unaffordable luxury or something that can be neglected. However, in reality it is an important physiological process. As only during the rest the body renews its mental and physical abilities. They affect how our day goes: how focused and attentive we are, and how quickly we can handle tasks. While some people try to solve the problem of bad sleep by using caffeine and special medications, Dr. Choi En Djun eliminates it without medication. The speed of restoration of the body by an artificial method is not always a guarantee of quality. After visiting Choi En Djun, patients no longer make the same requests and live full lives.

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