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SpaceX recommendation proves to be winner

By Matein Khalid
My conviction that Elon Musk’s SpaceX is the tech unicorn of our lifetimes was vindicated by the spectacular institutional response to its $1 billion Series N offering in August. The round was oversubscribed by the smart money/tech cognoscenti of Silicon Valley by a staggering 10 times, forcing the company to almost double the size of the offering.
I am convinced that the company’s Starlink project (satellite based broadband internet access to a global subscriber base) means that SpaceX could morph into an internet platform company on the scale of a Google or Amazon. In other words, a $50 billion annual EBITDA and a trillion dollar valuation at least on NASDAQ. Since the valuation is now $46 billion in the private market, this means a potential 20 bagger.
I admit I am in love with this puppy, now that we finally got allocated but I seriously recommend every friend of mine to research the investment case of SpaceX in depth and would love to hear your thoughts/insights. As Google, Amazon and Tesla have proven so dramatically, fairy tale investments can and do happen in Silicon Valley.

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