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Sprint Steps Up Its Game To Now Offer The Cheapest Unlimited Plan For Multiple Lines With HD Video

Sprint refuses to be left in the dust when it comes to all the new unlimited plan news. Getting in on the action, the carrier announced new improvements to its unlimited plan on Thursday in hopes to attract new customers.

Calling it the “Best HD Plan Ever,” the new Sprint deal that will be available starting Friday includes unlimited talk, text and data, and HD video streaming (a main selling point in these new unlimited plans) and 10 GB of hotspot data for tethering for $50 per month for one line.

Upping the ante on its preexisting plan, Sprint customers can get all of this for just $90 for two lines, and only $22.50 per line each month when adding a third and fourth line.

At 50 precent less than Verizon’s Unlimited plan announced earlier this week, Sprint’s newly improved plan makes it the cheapest unlimited data offer yet.


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Sprint boasts that this is the best deal, but customers should keep in mind that just like the Verizon Unlimited plan, the price for Sprint Unlimited will increase per line after March 31, 2018.

After this date, customers will pay $60 a month for one line, $40 a month for line two and $30 a month for lines three and four—plus taxes and surcharges. This means after a year, the Unlimited plan will increase from $90 to $160 for a family of four.

In comparison, Verizon Unlimited offers customers $80 per month for one line and $180 for four lines for the first year.

T-Mobile fired back with an improvement to its One unlimited plan to now offer HD video and up to 10GB of hotspot data as part of its $70 a month per line deal, $160 for four lines.

HD video streams as part of Sprint’s plan are up to 1080p—not 4k—music at up to 1.5Mbps, and gaming streams at up to 8Mbps. However, data speeds may slow down during times of congestion. This is something T-Mobile has been criticized for.

Then again, Sprint revealed that it has more spectrum (more than 160MHz of 2.5GHz) than any of the other carriers.

But that’s not all.

Sprint is really going hard to try step up its game and not get left behind. It is also throwing in a free 32 GB iPhone 7 for customers who switch to its network. These new customers will get Apple’s iPhone 7 for $0 for 18 months when trading in a qualify device, which includes a: Phone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, Samsung GS7, GS7 edge, GS6, GS6 edge, Note 5, LG V20, G5, or Moto Droid 2.

After the 18 months, the customer will pay $27.09 for the iPhone 7.

Since Sprint literally just announced its $90 unlimited plan for five lines, it will give these newly signed up customers a free upgrade of HD video and up to 10GB of hotspot data per line that is now included.

Customers who just signed up for Sprint Unlimited won’t get the new iPhone 7.

It’s important to also note that customers need to sign up for Sprint AutoPay in order to get the unlimited plan with the carrier for its starting price of $50 for a line.

This sounds good on paper, but according to a report from OpenSignal, Sprint is still ranked the lowest in the LTE availability tests in every single region of the U.S.

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