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FDI investments in UAE set to cross $14b

uaefirms|By TAP Staff|  FDI investment in the UAE reached US$ 12 billion in 2013 and is projected to grow 20 percent in 2014 to reach US$ 14.4 billion, according to Fortress Investments.

The estimated growth rate in 2014 would represent a 260 percent increase over 2008, which not only demonstrates full recovery from the global financial crisis, but reflects huge future growth potential for UAE economy that would offer greater investment opportunities, according to the investment firm.

“There is phenomenal investor interest in the UAE market. Dubai is now one of the most popular investment destinations among global investors. Many emerging sectors are attracting higher attention from investors, such as reality, ICT, education, tourism and entertainment,” said Hamed Mokhtar, Managing Director at Fortress Investments. “Dubai’s attraction as an investment hotspot was never greater.”

Dubai’s successful Expo 2020 bid will ensure the investment in UAE market is lucrative in the medium term, as Dubai and the UAE would benefit from an estimated US$ 6.9 billion earmarked for infrastructure projects around the event.

Dubai’s construction industry would benefit from the heightened new activity, but other sectors like travel, tourism, hospitality and retail would also gain during the run-up to the event and thereafter.

“Any significant investment should be carefully studied with the help of investment professionals,” advised Mokhtar.

Mokhtar pointed out: “Financial advisors provide clients with a clearer investment direction and a more prudent wealth management approach.  Investors, irrespective of the size of their funds, often tend to be confused about the type of financial investments they should make and the timing they should choose. We offer practical financial solutions to guide and manage our clients’ existing business or simply their personal finances.”

Fortress is a Dubai-based global leader in private banking and wealth management. Over the past two decades, the company’s versatile team of financial experts has acquired vast expertise and proficiency in global financial markets, and is fully equipped to deliver holistic solutions that would surpass clients’ expectations.