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25 Of The Most Attractive Dividend Stocks

By Dividend Yield:

These are tough times for investors who look for cheap companies. The Dow and S&P 500 jump from high to high, but this boom is credit-driven; it’s the result of the monetary easing policy of the world’s major government banks.

The good thing is that we can buy stocks in every market situation, whether the market has a P/E level of 30 or 10. What we need to is to look at solid growth for the single stock and not overpay for the future prospects of an asset.

When I look at the market today, I see that the financial sector, conglomerates and basic material stocks are the cheapest valued ones in terms of forward P/E, but the highest growth is predicted for the Services and Technology sector, both of which have the highest P/E ratios.

Tech stocks have made many people rich, but if you recall the dot.com bubble

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