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Connect Freelance launches wide variety of visa designations for skilled professionals


Due to its growing economy and constant blue skies, the United Arab Emirates is becoming one of the top regions for expats.  The government’s efforts to ensure the UAE  stays cosmopolitan has enabled businesses to continuously have a diverse range of employees across their workforce. Everyone can witness a change in the way freelancing is being seen in the UAE.

Aaron Portero, managing director of Connect Group, said: “With the arrival of a global problem like the one we have been through, many companies have significantly reduced their permanent workforce, making this a great opportunity for freelancers. At Connect Freelance, we are happy to announce that we are assisting expats with obtaining their freelance visa in Dubai.”

The process can be confusing if you are unaware of the UAE residency process, formalities and documents required.  With this in mind Connect Freelance is providing freelancers with an all-inclusive service to obtain residency and will provide them with everything they will need to work legally in the United Arab Emirates. This comes in a straightforward 2 year package so you don’t need to worry about anything later. Connect Freelance offers these services to make freelancing hassle-free and to eliminate the stress factor of becoming a freelancer in the UAE.

Hundreds of companies are looking for additional employees in order to build their teams and make their projects successful. Because of this, laws have been becoming less rigorous to help maintain this trend. Even though it is now a legal practice, getting a freelance visa is not always an easy task as there are several other factors you must take into consideration.

To obtain a freelance visa for a working professional you will require help from a reliable company. Connect Freelance provides you with an expert team that will gladly answer any of your queries. In a short time, you can start delivering your professional services without having to worry about any legal issues. Additionally, the benefits of getting a freelance visa in Dubai or any region within the UAE are endless. You will never be out of job opportunities and with the help of our services you will enter and remain in the market. Also, you will be able to have work flexibility and become your boss.

An opportunity like this can be life-changing. We Instantly let you work through a wide range of business activities such as education, events management, media, entertainment, consultancy, and many others. Becoming a freelancer is easier than you may think when having the right team to support you.

People from all around the globe are leaning towards this new and exciting opportunity. Take advantage of the United Arab Emirates’ ever-growing economy which is bursting with opportunities for everyone, from every background, age and gender. Allow yourself to start a new chapter and open the door to having a more extensive income while working for less time.

Connect Freelance professionals are waiting to support you on this new journey. Our agents are here to make sure every step is followed and you are working freely throughout the UAE as soon as possible.

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