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Carspotters’ Challenge #176: CarLust 1980s Starter Pack

We’ve been revisiting some 80s gems here at CarLust these last couple of weeks, and before we head into the ’90s, it feels right to share this period artwork that I’ve had stashed in my hard drive for some time now.

Yes, they’re neither that many nor that hard to figure out for our seasoned veterans, but for the novice CarLust carspotter, it couldn’t be a more perfect exercise.


The Starter Pack includes:

-North America’s sports car

-Defunct French-North American collaboration

-Swedish steel

-Quirky-yet-endearing Japanese people-mover

-Germany’s off-the-wall sports car icon

-Obscure North American sedan

Learn them and collect them all!

I have no idea where the artwork is from but I sure wish I did know why someone would take the time to airbrush this amazing action shot with humble automobiles plus a couple of sports cars thrown for good measure. Thankfully, they did and the world is a better place because of it.


References: Tumblr

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