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Nissan NX (1991-1993)

Let’s see… “The third time is a charm,” or is it “Strike 3, you’re out!“?

NX front

The final installment of this trilogy is Nissan’s competition to their own Sentra SE-R. That’s because there were basically two of these… the NX1600, which had 110 horsepower, and the NX2000, with the engine found in the SE-R. The SE-R, of course, had a trunk.

Gone is the “Pulsar” name. The NX2000 gets a “Hot Hatchback” rating over its predecessors because it outperformed them in both power and handling. It went from being “sporty” to a downright proper machine.

NX2000 engine bay

A photo of a stock NX2000 engine was very hard to find; this one has a few obvious mods. And not only did the NX2000 get the SE-R’s engine, its brakes were so good that some folks retrofit their SE-Rs with them. Add a limited-slip axle for some more equal power distribution (Very handy with front-wheel-drive).

And while the NX’s performance was first-rate for the time and class, its styling left many cold. As Car Lust commentor IGoZoom said, “The car that replaced the Pulsar for 1991 was very unfortunate looking, and that’s the kindest thing I can say about it!”

The hidden headlights were gone. Any familiarity to its predecessors did not exist. It did offer T-Tops as the second version did, thankfully. This was a Nissan NX in name only, and it showed.

NissanNX2000-interior 1991

Its interior took a giant step… backwards. Very mundane, maybe even rental car class… there was just nothing exciting about these digs.

NX rear

So the NX2000 was faster, better handling, and… well, too bad its looks spoiled the package.

Pulsar 2

NX 2 profile

Nissan NX profile

Of the three cars, I’d choose the middle one. Yes, you give up some fun that the third car would give, but its better looks make it the one I could live with every day.

That Car Guy (Chuck)

Image Credits: The Nissan NX front view was found at CurbsideClassic.com. Its engine photo came from Photobucket.com. The interior image is from CurbsideClassic.com. The NX’s rear shot was found at All-Nissan.info. The NX 1 profile is from Hooniverse.com, the NX 2 profile (reversed) came from Static.flickr.com, and the NX2000 profile shot was found at ProductionCars.com.


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