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Donald Trump offering huge perks for inauguration donors

Trump has decided to accept corporate contributions, but not money from registered lobbyists, according to a report in the New York Times. Lobbyists have also been restricted from working on his transition team.

Inaugural festivities let big donors celebrate alongside the new president and mingle with incoming members of the administration.

“You can tell donors do get something out of it when you take a look at the funding sources,” said Craig Holman, a longtime government affairs lobbyist for nonprofit group Public Citizen, which advocates for limiting the influence of money in politics. “To throw a lot of money into a big party to welcome a new president, these corporations believe that is endearing them to the next administration.”

All the donor packages include “Priority Booking at Premier Inaugural Hotel(s),” allowing donors the chance to book prime hotel rooms (at their own expense, of course, and with a four-night minimum stay).

Packages are crafted for donors who contribute at least $25,000 to the inaugural committee, a nonprofit set up to raise money for the celebrations that traditionally accompany the swearing in of a new president. The nonprofit is required to disclose its donors but not until after Trump’s inauguration.

Not indicated on the brochure?

Whether one of those “Premier Inaugural Hotel(s)” might be the president-elect’s own newly opened Trump International Hotel, a luxury hotel located five blocks from the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue and along the inaugural parade route.

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