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Kwikset Kevo Convert Smart Lock Goes Up For Preorder At $149

Techies would probably recall Kevo Convert for its notable debut at CES this year with its smart lock solution that features electronic keys. Now its maker has made the device available for preorder.

Smart Lock Kit

Once installed, the Kevo Convert can automatically lock your door after 30 seconds. It can also be locked and unlocked via Bluetooth. To extend the range for users to control their door from anywhere, an upgrade to Kevo Plus is required.

Using a dedicated app, users can also send electronic keys to guests and visitors so that they can unlock the door if the homeowner is away or is momentarily occupied with a task inside the house.

Pricing And Kwikset Kevo

For $149, buyers will get a kit that will replace the inside of a standard front door lock. This should please those who are concerned about the design of their front door when viewed outside because they still get to keep their existing locks.

Pricing is also half the cost of the second generation Kwikset Kevo, a smartlock system that Kwikset released last summer. This contraption has a touch-to-unlock feature in addition to its own remote lock management system. It is not yet clear if the Kevo Convert will also ship with similar functionalities such as the cool technology called door activity history.

Some expect that the standard smart lock should be more capable since it includes an outer lock as well.

Dedicated Smart Lock App

Since Kevo Convert uses the same Kevo app, it should be able to support features such as easy tracking of who comes and goes as well as sending and retracting of electronic keys. The app also provides eKey scheduling with pre-set day and time limits that users can control.

“The Scheduled eKey is perfect for regular visitors, like dogwalkers and house cleaning services,” Kwikset explained.

The product’s description indicates that it will also work with several devices and wearables such as the Nest and Honeywell thermostats, Ring and Skybell video doorbells and smartwatches, in addition to smartphones.

Kevo Convert Compatibility

For those concerned whether the Kevo Convert is compatible with their existing door locks, Kwikset states that it will work with any standard deadbolt, one that is mounted separately from the handle below it. Mortise, Integrated Interior and Rim locks will not work with the device.

Kevo Convert supports iOS device and select Android handsets.

Its preorder is exclusively available at Home Depot. Estimated shipping schedule is not yet available as of this writing.

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