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Modern Warfare Remastered Data Mine Uncovers Hidden Guns and Microtransactions

A dataminer has burrowed deep into Modern Warfare Remastered’s code and uncovered hidden weapons that hint at the possible implementation of microtransactions.

Via Reddit, a dataminer named Tails unearthed a heap of unused content when combing through Modern Warfare’s data files on PC. A lot of the guns found are from other Call of Duty games with the exception of one: The Kamchatka auto shotgun, which looks pretty overpowered in the stream below.

Another weapon that didn’t make it into the full version is the shovel melee weapon from Black Ops III. Could Raven Software have been planning on implementing more melee options?

You can see the full weapons in action over on Imgur here and here.

Also uncovered were files pertaining to a Black Ops III-style weapons dealer – or ‘microtransactions’ as they’re known to you and I. Whether Activision was courting the idea of implementing paid-for content at launch then scrapped it, or is thinking about adding it in in a future update, isn’t clear.

In our review, we accepted Modern Warfare wasn’t all that modern, but questioned whether that’s a bad thing.

“Put simply, Modern Warfare is no longer modern — though the combat and, in some ways, the action-movie story at its foundation are ageless, its level design and lack of campaign progression reveal its true age.”

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