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'No Man's Sky' Foundation Update Coming Soon With Base Building And It's Just The Beginning, Says Hello Games

No Man’s Sky is getting its first major update since its release back in August, as Hello Games has officially announced that the Foundation Update is “coming soon.”

The game stirred immense hype before it launched, but once it was released, many fans felt like they were cheated, and No Man’s Sky was not all they expected it to be.

No Man’s Sky took years to develop, and the small team behind it promised endless space exploration, epic alien adventures and more. Fans felt ripped off, and developer Hello Games mainly went mum, except for a few statements once in a while to announce small updates or explain what went wrong in some instances.

No Man’s Sky Foundation Update

Hello Games has now broken the silence and officially announced the Foundation Update, noting that although it hasn’t issued many statements, it still took players’ feedback into account.

“The discussion around No Man’s Sky since release has been intense and dramatic,” says Hello Games in its latest announcement. “We have been quiet, but we are listening and focusing on improving the game that our team loves and feels so passionately about.”

No Man’s Sky has been rather controversial so far, and it was even under investigation for misleading marketing. Fans were outraged over the lack of updates and disappointing content, a Tweet from the No Man’s Sky Twitter account called the game a “mistake” and disgruntled fans kept venting about everything the game was supposed to be and it’s not, arguing about who’s to blame.

The Foundation Update aims to improve the game, and it’s just the beginning, according to Hello Games. It’s called the Foundation Update because it finally builds the foundation for base building while also serving as the foundation for updates to come.

“It won’t be our biggest update, but it is the start of something,” adds the developer.

No Man’s Sky Base Building

As the name itself suggests, the concept of base building refers to a pretty straightforward process. Once players discover a planet they like, they can start setting up a base and craft a home on that planet.

Hello Games offers no additional details at this point regarding how exactly it will implement base building, but it will offer more information about the Foundation Update in the near future. At the same time, the developer offers no specific date for when the update will roll out, so the vague “coming soon” is all we have to go on for now.

It remains to be seen whether the Foundation Update manages to win back disgruntled No Man’s Sky players, but it is indeed a start.

Are you excited about the No Man’s Sky Foundation Update? Let us know in the comment section below. Meanwhile, if you’d rather spend your time on another game, the Steam Autumn Sale 2016 has discounts on thousands of titles.

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