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'Pokémon GO' May Get More Than 100 New Pokémon And Trading System Via December Update

Pokémon GO fans will probably have a delightful Christmas as rumors point to a massive update happening in December. This could include the previously announced plan to allow card trading among players.

What is even more awesome is how the new update could reportedly unleash more than 100 new normal and legendary Pokémon.

More Than Just A Pokémon GO Rumor

Certainly, the details of the December update can be considered as a rumor because it is not officially confirmed by Niantic Labs. However, it is based on an analysis of the game’s code conducted by PokeVS, a Pokémon web scanner. It is also thoroughly detailed.

Aside from the deluge of new monsters, the code further revealed that a PVP feature is in the offing. Players will also get to raise their hatchling once they got out of their shells.

Now, it is not yet clear if the code also revealed the exact date of the update’s release. But PokeVS was able to identify points that changed in the game’s code, underscoring tangible evidences.

Certainly, Niantic could always rewrite those parts. But the likelihood that the big rollout will indeed happen is high. This is supported by Niantic’s activities in the past months.

Drawing Pokémon Players Back With Big Events

Any Pokémon GO watcher worth his salt would know that the game is suffering waning popularity since its release. True, it is still one of the biggest mobile games to date but the number of players and daily usage are steadily declining.

That trend only gets reversed when Niantic releases an update. For example, upon launch of the patch containing the Halloween event, Pokémon GO zoomed back to the top of the Apple App Store’s app ranking.

The December update promises to have wide-ranging impact on player engagement. If the claim that a huge number of monsters are open for the taking, then the game should be able to occupy the bulk of players’ attention for a longer period of time.

Legendary Monsters

There is no information available on specific legendary monsters included in the update. One should remember, however, that the only available creature of this type at present is Ditto. This means monsters like Mew and Mewto, Lugia and Ho-Oh, Celebi, Entei and Suicune will soon be popping up in your phones.

The coming of the legendary beasts has been confirmed by Niantic in the past. Particularly, this was referenced by Niantic CEO John Hanke when he said that Gen 2, which saw the introduction of a huge number of Pokémon in the game’s lore, will come as an update.

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