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Second Innovation Week aims to embed innovative ideas in communities

DUBAI // The second Innovation Week kicks off on Sunday with events taking place across the country.

Launched last year by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, this year’s event aims to embed innovation in communities and is being held with the slogan “Innovation, an everyday activity”.

“The UAE has become a global platform for innovation and innovators, attracting the best minds and talents from around the world, and providing them with the opportunities and the environment they need to enable their inventions to bring positive change to society,” said Sheikh Mohammed.

“The UAE managed to embed innovation as a culture in day-to-day government work, and we now want to focus on community innovation. We want to empower the community to offer innovative ideas and initiatives that benefit all of society, and the UAE Government will be ready to embrace these ideas and turn them into reality.”

Sheikh Mohammed added that the country is seeking initiatives and ideas that can improve all sectors of the community.

“Innovation is the framework that helps government entities in applying creative ideas and transforming them into government services and initiatives,” he said.

The Dubai Ruler urged individuals, government entities, corporations, colleges and universities to develop innovative platforms and intensify their research into key sectors, to build an integrated system to support real change in people’s lives and reinforce the position of the UAE as a global capital for innovation.

“History has taught us that advanced civilisations were built on the efforts of their sons, who had devised innovative solutions for all challenges. Those civilisations that stopped working, learning and striving for the future collapsed, and were forgotten by history.”

For more information on Innovation Week events, visit www.uaeinnovates.ae.

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