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Yes, You Can Now Catch Ditto In 'Pokémon GO': Here's How

Close on the heels of a Thanksgiving-ish update for Pokémon GO which added double experience points and Stardust as Niantic’s thank-you gesture, the rumored appearance of Ditto has now been confirmed by several players who have encountered the shape-shifting Pokémon.

Ditto Beginning To Show Up

Ditto is the last non-legendary Pokémon from the original 151 first-generation Pokémon to make an appearance on Pokémon GO. Ditto famously possesses the ability to take the form of its fellow Pokémon, alongside acting as an abused conduit for breeding purposes in the mainline games.

Several players have begun reporting sightings of the Pokémon in the app, stating that it initially looked like a normal Rattata in one player’s case, which then shifted back to its original purple-ish sludge form upon being caught.

(Photo : Niantic Labs via Reddit User S4mble)

Other players have also reported that Ditto can appear masqueraded as a Zubat or Pidgey, so you must first catch these normal-looking Pokémon to determine whether it is in fact a Ditto or not. Based on reports, Ditto retains a high CP and is available to catch in any region.

When Ditto is brought into a gym battle, it will take the form of the opponent Pokémon, lugging along the rival’s CP and moveset, according to WWG. It remains to be seen how Ditto behaves when defending a gym.

How To Catch Ditto In Pokémon GO

Catching a Ditto, per reports, is seemingly a game of chance, since there’s no type of indication to determine whether the Pokémon you encounter is in fact a Ditto.

If you indeed catch a masquerading Ditto, a short cutscene prefixed by a heads up in the form of “Oh?” starts, and once the normal-looking Pokémon sheds into its original form, you end up with a Ditto. It’s kind of frustrating that there’s no surefire way to distinguish Ditto from other Pokémon, so the best way to find one is for players to simply keep on catching Pokémon until they stumble upon a Ditto.

Other Pokémon GO News

Apart from Ditto’s long-awaited availability, Niantic seems to have extended the nearby tracker feature to new locations including several provinces in Canada and Australia.

Additionally, if The Silph Road‘s APK drilling poses any legitimacy, which is often the case, we may soon see some Shiny Pokémon on Pokémon GO. Don’t hold your breath for that, however, because it’s a long stretch. Though if it is indeed true, the addition of Ditto and potential appearances of Shiny Pokémon may reinvigorate Pokémon GO‘s appeal to audiences who have abandoned the game some time ago.

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