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Appeal court halves drug user's prison sentence

DUBAI // A man who consumed hashish he took from an American tourist and was convicted of possessing other drugs will serve two years in prison instead of four, the appeals court ruled.

The Emirati was sentenced to four years for using hashish and possession of 92 tablets that included amphetamine, procyclidine, zolpidem and prazolam.

The 25-year-old was arrested at his home on the evening of October 23 last year following a tip-off to police. His home was searched and the Emirati showed officers his stash, the court heard.

“I documented his confessions, in which he stated he smoked hashish he obtained from an American tourist, who left the country, but as for the tablets, he claimed they were prescribed to him by the British Clinic,” said Emirati police officer, 25, adding the Emirati did not present any medical prescription to validate his claim.

A urine test was positive for traces of hashish.

In court, he denied charges of taking hashish and possessing tablets.

“I don’t know how the traces of hashish were found in my urine,” the defendant told judges.

On Wednesday, the appeals court cut his sentence to two years.

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