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Dubai construction site guard 'stabbed in the buttocks by gang'

DUBAI // A security guard was stabbed in the buttocks after he was tied up by four men who were attempting to steal electrical cables from a construction site.

The Pakistanis defendants, aged between 34 and 44, were spotted by the guard as they sneaked into the site in Jebel Ali in August this year.

“I spotted three men sneaking under the metal fence at 1am, one of them was holding a knife another one was holding a rope. They grabbed me and tied my hands,” said the 28-year-old.

One of the men watched over the guard while the others looked for the cables.

“I started to scream and shout to alert anyone near by. The man guarding me tried to stab me in the abdomen, but I jumped away at the right time and he hit me in the buttocks,” said the Pakistani victim, adding the defendants stole his mobile phone before fleeing empty handed.

At Dubai Criminal Court the men confessed to charges of theft of a mobile phone, attempted theft of electrical cables and assaulting the guard. The next hearing will be on December 29.

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