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In Pictures: Cyclone Vardah Lashes Southern India

A powerful cyclone that hit India’s southeastern coast on Monday killed up to 10 people, according to India’s National Disaster Management Agency.

The cyclone, packing winds of 74-80 miles per hour, with brief gusts measuring up to 86 miles per hour, is expected to weaken over the next 12 hours as it moves north, resulting in light rainfall in the southern states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, the India Meteorological Department said Tuesday.

“By evening, it will move up north and across north Kerala causing light rain,” said Dr. M. Mohapatra, director of the cyclone warning division at India Meteorological Department.

Tens of thousands of people were evacuated from their homes and shifted to relief camps and rescue efforts are still on.

Cyclone Vardah knocked down trees and electricity poles as it made its way into Tamil Nadu from the Bay of Bengal. More than 300 roads were blocked by debris and dozens of houses and electricity transformers were damaged, said the agency in a series of tweets.

Over the next few days, the cyclone is expected to weaken and subside in the Arabian Sea on India’s west coast, the meteorological department said.

“It will not be disastrous,” said Mr. Mohapatra.

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