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Manager loses Dh684,500 compensation payout after Dubai courts appeal

DUBAI // A manager who was awarded Dh684,500 compensation from his employer put in an appeal for more money – and ended up with nothing.

The manager had been put on trial at Dubai Criminal Court after his employer accused him of breach of trust. He was found not guilty and the court ordered he receive compensation for the salary he should have been paid while he was suspended from work.

He appealed against the verdict, claiming he deserved more money, while the company also made a counterclaim that he should not.

On April 13 this year, the Court of Appeal upheld the compensation payout but the company submitted a plea to Dubai’s attorney general, who submitted an appeal to the Court of Cassation.

This court decided that the original verdict was incorrect as the UAE’s labour laws state that compensation can only be granted if the suspension from work was malicious.

The attorney general decided that acquittal of the manager did not prove that his suspension was malicious as he had been accused of breach of trust.

His acquittal allowed him to return to work if the company approved it but it did not entitle him to a compensation for his lost salary.

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