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Motorola Reveals New Moto Mods: 3,000 mAh Mophie Juice Pack And Incipio Car Dock

While one can say that Motorola’s MotoMods feature is yet to take off, the fact remains that it is one of the most compelling reasons to buy a Moto Z, the company’s flagship device.

The Lenovo-owned company has been trying to aggressively push it of late and its latest move involves the announcement of two new modules. These include Incipio’s Car Dock and Mophie‘s Juice Pack mods.

For the uninitiated, MotoMods are detachable modules that can add new features and functionalities to any device in the Moto Z range. This is similar to the idea behind the LG G5 modular concept except that it can be installed by merely snapping it at the phone’s rear.

Incipio Car Dock

As the name suggests, the Incipio Car Dock module will mount the Moto Z on a car’s dashboard so you won’t have to hold it when in use. The module can be attached to the car’s air conditioning vent and could hold the phone in both vertical and horizontal positions.

Aside from serving as a mount, the dock also offers two more functions. First, it can connect the Moto Z to the car’s entertainment system through its dedicated 3.5 mm port. In addition, the dock is also capable of charging the device through this connection.

It is also interesting to note that once the phone is docked, it will immediately shift to Android Auto mode for hands-free operation.

Mophie Juice Pack

MotoMod already has a battery charger module and it was manufactured by Incipio: the OffGRID Power Pack. But the module, which also serves as a phone case, only offers up to 20 percent extra battery life.

Mophie’s Juice Pack charger, on the other hand, ships with an insane 3,000 mAh battery. It claims to provide the Moto Z with 60 percent power boost. The module is also outfitted with a USB Type-C port and a status light to indicate battery life.

Pricing And Availability

While the Incipio Car Dock has already been demonstrated during the Motorola announcement, it is not yet available in the market. The company merely states that it is coming in the very near future. It will be sold for $65.

Mophie’s Juice Pack, on the other hand, has already hit Verizon Wireless and being sold there for $80. The carrier is offering a 50 percent off deal on any mod for consumers who will buy new Moto Z Droid, Moto Z Force Droid, or Moto Z Play Droid. 

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