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Panama Papers issue: Imran Khan signals to come out on roads again – DunyaNews Pakistan

  Last Updated On 09 December,2016 02:46 pm

Imran Khan was talking to media outside Supreme Court after the hearing of the Panama Papers case.

ISLAMABAD (Web Desk) – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan on Friday has said that there is no need to form a commission over the Panama papers case as the party wants the five-member bench of Supreme Court (SC) to give final verdict in the matter.

While talking to media after the hearing of the case, Khan signaled to come out on roads again.

“Till now we were stuck in the courts but will now approach the public,” he announced.

Imran Khan said that Nawaz Sharif’s entire family’s name was exposed in the Panama papers.

“Just before Panama leaks Maryam Nawaz said on Sana Bucha’s show that she had no properties abroad. Had Panama leaks not happened and had we not applied pressure it would have never come to light the properties and assets they hold outside of Pakistan,” he asserted.

“And then Nawaz Sharif in a written calculated speech and as their lawyers said gave a political statement and not the truth on the floor of parliament,” he said.

Khan criticized Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s (PML-N) stance that no business record of Dubai is present with them.

“They then proceeded to speak in courts saying that they have no records of their business in Dubai as if they had travelled by camels at that time since Dubai was supposedly not developed at all, and their business was done on “Parchis”,” he argued.

“We also know that the Hundi system completely operates on “Parchi”,” Khan pronounced.

The PTI chief questioned why PML-N refuse to accept Maryam Nawaz’s beneficiary in country but not contest it internationally?

“Regarding Maryam Nawaz being beneficiary owner of Neilson & Nescoll, why has PML-N not taken it up with ICIJ itself? Only objection that N league had was on the documentation which is straight from ICIJ official website naming Maryam Nawaz as beneficiary,” he asked.

“And they are scrambling to get it disqualified here whereas they have not contested it on any international forum. They should know that in this day and age official websites carry a lot of weight,” he condemned.

The FBR has sent them notices based on the same documentation, Khan added.

Imran Khan said that PML-N speak lies but do not know how to conceal them.

“PML-N is in the state that their “motoo gang” has been sent on such a wild chase to save their corruption, that they have no idea how to keep track of their lies; including a cameo by a Qatari prince,” he said.

“What has Nawaz Sharif done? He has used public office to make money, send it out of the country, transferred it in his children’s name and then absolved himself of all the blame saying that’s my children money,” he alleged.

“Imagine if Imran Khan as PM made money through this way, sent it out and then just put it all in Qasim and Suleiman’s name. Can we even fathom that? It is because of this court case that the truth has come out that gulf steel was in loss,” he stressed.

Who are these secret saviours who come and bail them out, he asked.

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