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Top 10 travel tips from The National staff members

A poll of 60 staff members of The National resulted in useful travel hacks, such as low-fare flights with flexible date options, hassle-free packing, and convenient add-ons, that can make your holiday a more cheerful, potentially cheaper experience.


Be flexible

The prices of flights and hotel rooms varies a lot depending on demand, so compare prices, choose less busy dates and even be willing to alter your route to secure the best deals. Be open to unexpected experiences at every stage of the way, and you’ll be surprised how much more you get out of your trip.


Start packing early

If you’re going on a big trip, you’re less likely to overpack if you leave it till the last minute. Start thinking about where you’re going well in advance and edit your case down over several days.


To beat jet lag

Get a good night’s sleep the night before the flight and arrive at your destination during daylight hours. On arrival, take a walk around outside, even if it’s just near your hotel, to help reset your body clock.



Appreciate long flights for the amount of time to yourself it gives you, and when you arrive at your destination, use your social-media accounts as little as possible. No one really cares after the first post, anyway.


Take out travel insurance

Even if you don’t end up using it, it will give you peace of mind to know that you’re covered for the worst-case scenario.



Don’t waste time researching your destination on arrival. Before your trip, buy a guidebook and familiarise yourself with the geography of where you’re going and local prices, laws and customs. Particularly if you’re a single woman travelling alone, act confident, even if you’re not.


Drink lots of water

Before and during the flight to combat dehydration. If you’re flying business class and there are flat beds, ask for the mattress topper to be fitted before sleep.


Connect with people

If you’re nice to hotel staff, you’ll often at least get free Wi-Fi; in other situations, the help of strangers can make much more of a difference.


Get in early

Keep an eye on which airlines are starting new routes and which hotels are opening. Before they launch, you can often get extra-cheap deals in the first days or weeks of a debut, and there’s the added cachet of being one of the very first to experience a place.


Travelling with children

Some people don’t like travelling with their kids, others insist on it. But if you have funds to spare, book a hotel with a nanny service.

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