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When Will 'Super Mario Run' Arrive On Android? Please Hurry, Nintendo!

Reviews on Nintendo’s Super Mario Run, have started coming in, describing the game as an elegantly designed platformer and one of the best mobile runners available with high replay value due to its unlockables.

However, Super Mario Run was only launched on the iOS on Dec. 15, leaving Android device owners on the outside looking in. How soon will Nintendo release the game on Google’s mobile operating system?

Super Mario Run Clones, Malware Hitting Android

In the absence of Super Mario Run on Android devices, clones for the game have started hitting the Google Play Store. Among the titles of the clones are Mario Run Jumper, Super Plumber Run, and many other weird names that developers are looking to cash in on Super Mario Run‘s popularity.

There are even some apps on the Google Play Store which promise that they would download the game into the user’s device, and users should not believe them as there is no official version of Super Mario Run for Android yet.

In addition, there are some APK databases going around that are said to be installation files for Super Mario Run for Android devices. Users should be careful about these and avoid them altogether, as they could inject malware into the devices of gamers who could not wait for Super Mario Run to be officially released for Android.

When Will Super Mario Run For Android Be Released?

Unfortunately, Nintendo has not stated a definite timetable for the release of Super Mario Run on Android devices.

“We do intend to release the game on Android devices at some point in the future,” is all that the company has to say about it, which does not say a lot about when users can expect Super Mario Run to arrive on Google’s mobile operating system. The only date that has been so far mentioned for the game’s launch is 2017, which does not help eager Android device owners one bit.

What Is Causing The Delay?

The delay in the release of Super Mario Run for Android is Nintendo’s fears of piracy on Google’s mobile operating system. The iOS is much more controlled and manageable compared to Android, and even still decided to require an always-on internet connection for Super Mario Run to prevent pirates from taking advantage of the game.

It is not known whether the Android version of Super Mario Run will come with additional security measures to prevent piracy on the game, but hopefully, more details on the game will be released soon by Nintendo.

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