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Why Google Top Searches Reveal A Bleak 2016: Year In Search

2016 is definitely a memorable year for various reasons, but Google’s latest compilation of “Year in Search” reveals that much of the things that made the year memorable were because of huge losses. Not only for those in the United States but for everyone around the globe.

The year marked losses due to disease, politics, and terrorism, and issues being searched about often divided the world as much as they united other people.

While the top searches in the U.S. seem neutral, given that the top five spots belong to Pokémon GO, iPhone 7, Donald Trump, Prince, and Powerball, spreading them out into their respective categories paints a different picture.

Playing The Blame Game

Pokémon GO, of course, takes the top spot since it took the top spot in four of Google’s “How-to” searches list. With the game’s popularity (and despite warnings), players do not always pay attention to their own safety. Shortly after the game’s release, there was a huge issue with regard to Pokémon GO players getting into car accidents. Concerned parents and citizens blamed the addictive game for the players’ lack of discipline and lack of awareness to their surroundings while playing.

Politics, Fear Mongering And Senseless Violence

The U.S. was definitely divided when it came to politics in the election season, and it is especially sad to see that President-elect Donald Trump’s win had become the trigger for many supporters (from both his camp and that of rival Hillary Clinton) to justify hate and fear mongering online, even as much of the world remains steadfast in communicating acceptance and love.

Also, innocent people were targeted for all the wrong reasons when mass violence shook France and Orlando — no, there is no way mass violence would ever be reasonable. The world stood with France and Orlando but, while the survivors and those who support them remain vigilant, one can only hope that things will really get better.

Iconic Losses

Of course, we know that the year began with a record-breaking win in the Powerball, but the world lost two of its great artists in January alone. Music and cultural pop icon David Bowie succumbed to cancer early in January and, just four days later, veteran actor Alan Rickman, notable for his villainous and antihero roles, also disapparated for the last time.

This year, Prince was also lost to the world due to accidental drug overdose, and Muhammad Ali, after putting up a great fight against Parkinson’s disease for 32 years, also bid us farewell.

Perhaps the most unexpected loss that truly shocked the world was the violent end of 22-year-old singer Christina Grimmie who was shot by an obsessed fan while signing autographs after her performance in Orlando.

Watch Google’s short video of 2016’s “Year in Search” below.

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