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5 tips for choosing leather accessories

Fine leather accessories do not come cheap. But with so many options on the market for high end leather goods, how does one make a choice? Robert Ettinger, Managing Director of leather brand Ettinger London, shares his tips.

1. Practicality: Choose accessories that will fulfil your requirements in terms of storage and efficiency, be it a briefcase or card holder, Ettinger advises. More often than not, business travellers opt for sleek and simple products that are not as useful as they could be.

2. Make A Statement: It might seem unimportant, but going into a business meeting with an attractive attaché or flap-over case can set the tone for people’s impressions. This helps them make a decision about the outcome of the meeting. Ettinger says accessories “speak volumes” and warns against taking them lightly.

3. Expression: The accessories you choose are an expression of who you are, according to Ettinger. Always remember that how you present yourself reflects who you are to the outside world. He advices choosing a leather accessory embodies confidence, reliability, and charisma.

4. There Is No Definition: The trend for removing gender definitions is growing and can be applied to leather goods as well. As long as the accessory is practical for your needs and has a classic, subtle appearance, it can be worn by men and women alike, says Ettinger.

5. Durability: It is vital to select an item that will last. Reliable products made with strong, high quality leather will not tear quickly or easily. Similar to a business partnership, the fabric needs to be sturdy and durable.

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