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Apple's iCloud Activation Lock Page Gets Taken Down With No Explanation

Apple has already shuttered the iCloud Activation Lock website, closing one of the few effective mechanisms to determine whether an Apple device is stolen or not. The move is a huge setback to consumers buying a used iPhone or iPad.

If you head to its domain, you will now be told that iCloud can’t find the page.

Convenient iPhone Tool

The website has been a popular tool due to the way it can conveniently determine if a device is locked to an owner. If one is buying a used iPhone at eBay, for example, he can merely verify its serial number or IMEI on the iCloud Activation Lock website. If it found that the device is locked, the buyer can then ask the seller to unlock it. A refusal most likely means that the device is stolen.

Cupertino has not yet issued any statement confirming and explaining why the Lock Activation page has been closed. There is also no word if another tool or service will be provided as a replacement.

It is not yet known if the Find my iPhone app used to activate the Lock Activation feature will also get deleted from the App Store. Several weeks ago, the Finder for AirPods app has been removed from the App Store.

Alternative Method

At this point, one could only rely on an updated support documentation published in the Apple website. It states that users could just check if an iOS device is stolen by swiping to unlock. If it immediately opens to the Home Screen, then the device has been erased and no longer locked to the previous owner.

The process is, of course, valid, but it is quite complicated for users. In the old method, you can check the legitimacy of a device from anywhere if you have its serial number or IMEI. Now, users will have to meet the sellers and check the device they are purchasing personally. This could even be dangerous for those who already brought cash with them due to the risk of getting robbed, as it would be easier for people to use the Apple device as bait.

How To Reset Your iOS Device

If you are selling your iOS device, you can speed up the process or avoid spooking your buyer by deleting all your files.

“Turn off Find My iPhone to ensure that the other person can activate and use the device normally,” Apple explained. “The best way to do this is to sign out of iCloud and then erase all content and settings from your device before handing it over.”

To erase your account, just head to the General section of the Settings menu. You can then choose the Erase All Content and Settings after tapping Reset.

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