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Nintendo Switch Event About To Kick Off: Price, Release Date, Games, And Everything Else To Expect

It’s almost time for Nintendo’s Switch-focused event, where it’s expected to disclose official details about the forthcoming hybrid console. Once Nintendo itself proffers official information, keen-eyed anticipants may finally straighten out the rumple caused by a flurry of rumors that has surfaced — surfacing, still — since its reveal late October last year.

It’s known that the console can easily switch between dock and undocked modes, as revealed in the trailer, but what’s inside — the hotly contested specs — remains nebulous. It’s known that it will sport two detachable controllers on each side called the Joy-Con, but what else is embedded in the controllers? An infrared scanner, perhaps? Motion controls?

Nintendo has opted to be laconic about the system, and it really stuck with this hush-hush principle, save for a brief Jimmy Fallon sit-in, which showed the long-delayed Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild running on the system sans any snags. Come Jan. 12, Nintendo will hand out its official word, and what comes of it will either swat or confirm rumors hovering about.

Here’s what to expect ahead of the event.

Nintendo Switch Launch Lineup

Many factors determine the initial success of a new console, but a big one is its launch games. Games sell systems, and Nintendo knows that without a strong launch lineup, the system won’t fly off shelves.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild could turn out to be a launch game, but the prospect is still mired by the game’s numerous delays. A new Mario game, one in the vein of Super Mario 64, could also open for the Switch, and to kick off third-party support is Skyrim, which could also be released at launch. There’s also a rumored Mario and Rabbids crossover, which Nintendo seemingly co-developed with Ubisoft to be a Switch launch title.

Nintendo Switch Specs

What’s exactly powering the Switch? We know it’s from Nvidia, sure, but what exactly? Could the GPU inside the system be based on Maxwell or Pascal architecture? Could EuroGamer’s report — touting a maximum clock speed of 768 MHz when docked — be true? This is a crucial metric because it’ll determine whether third-party developers can easily create games for the Switch, a chore that was comparatively difficult for the Wii U, Nintendo’s now-cancelled home console.

A Pokémon Port?

Pokémon Sun and Moon, the latest series entries released for the 3DS late last year, could be ported over to the Switch by virtue of Pokémon Stars. How it compares with the 3DS titles still remains a question, and what it means for the franchise is also something to ponder.

GameCube Virtual Console

Rumor has it that GameCube titles will migrate over to the Switch by virtue of the system’s virtual console platform. Several games are rumored to have already been successfully ported to the system: Super Mario Sunshine, Luigi’s Mansion, and Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Nintendo Switch Pricing And Availability

Everyone has been speculating that the Switch will cost $250, and that’s further bolstered by recent reports. As for an exact release date, rumors point to March 17.

A Surprise

It wouldn’t be Nintendo without surprises, so there might very well be one. This could be features that skipped past everyone’s radar or a game that people weren’t expecting. At any rate, here’s how to watch the livestream.

Feel free to add your expectations to the table!

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