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The National reporter pledges to turn over 'a new leaf' with month-long challenge

In a four-part series, Turning a New Leaf, we reported on ways people can reduce their carbon footprint through simple changes to their lifestyle.

Over the next four weeks, reporter Naser Al Wasmi is going to live a more environmentally sound life.

He will be vegetarian during weekdays, go to the petrol station only twice in January, never waste or throw away any food, and try to limit his time in the shower to five minutes a day.

He will be buying the unpopular fruit and veg most people leave behind in the supermarket.

Readers can follow his attempts to reduce his environmental impact – a reduction of between 800 kilograms and 1,000kg of carbon dioxide plus a saving of about 10,000 litres of water – via social media.

During the month, he will be tweeting, shooting videos and giving tips, while explaining how his daily choices will reduce his carbon footprint.

His weight and fitness will also be recorded to measure the effect on his health. At the end of the month, Naser will then detail his successes (and failures) in The National and at thenational.ae.

Follow Naser at @nasalwasmi and the hashtag #anewleaf.


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