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Tourist given life sentence for dealing hashish

DUBAI // A Spanish tourist has been sentenced to life in jail for selling hashish.

The woman was detained on July 13, 2015, at Al Barsha Mall after a Swedish man, who was arrested for possessing and smoking hashish, told officers he got the drugs from her.

“We had him contact her and arrange for a meeting, then we arrested her,” said a police officer.

Police found two pieces of hashish in a cigarette box she was carrying and she told them she said planned to sell the drugs to the Swede for Dh2,000.

She was charged with possessing hashish to sell, which she denied in Dubai Criminal Court.

The Swede was convicted in October last year of using hashish, before the drug law was amended making use a misdemeanour, and sentenced to four years in jail to be followed by deportation.

The Spaniard will also be deported after serving her life sentence, which is normally 25 years in the UAE.

An Emirati, 37, was arrested and referred to the Court of Misdemeanours after the woman told police he had also bought drugs from her.

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