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All Xfinity TV Subscribers To Get Comcast’s New Xfinity Stream App On Feb. 28

A farewell is in order for Comcast‘s Xfinity TV app. The Comcast has officially announced that it’s going to replace that app with a new one, dubbed Xfinity Stream, which rolls out to all Xfinity TV subscribers Feb. 28.

Comcast Scarps Xfinity TV In Favor Of Stream

Comcast announced the successor after spending years fine-tuning the original Xfinity TV App. While that app wasn’t that terrible, the company has still decided to release a new iteration, promising that Xfinity Stream will cover the bases of its customers’s TV subscription, and more.

Streaming Content While Outdoors

As per Comcast, the mobile app can be used to stream the entire TV lineup on phones and tablets when users are at home. If outdoors, users may still get over 200 live channels, DVR content, and 40,000 on-demand titles.

The app, which may be downloaded by all Xfinity TV customers gratis, stresses Comcast’s keen effort to create the best entertainment experiences via a number of platforms, providing its customers the option to view their content wherever, whenever.

“[We] are giving customers access to the best content in and out of the home with a growing list of advanced features and capabilities that make the mobile experience nearly identical to the cable experience they enjoy at home,” said Matt Strauss, Comcast Cable’s EVP and General Manager for video and entertainment services.

Other Features Of Xfinity Stream

In addition to mobile streaming, the app also lets users switch to a Spanish guide, filter favorite channels, peruse music channels, and find Common Sense Media reviews and ratings, all of which collectively provide an “X1-like experience” for users’s smartphones, tablets, and laptops, both indoors and outdoors.

Comcast hasn’t provided any screenshots of the app yet, so it’s impossible to judge how much better it’ll be than the Xfinity TV app. Hopefully Comcast took time in refining the user interface, as that department has often been the target of a number of long-standing complaints, as noted by Android Police.

No Plans For Chromecast Support

Unfortunately, Xfinity Stream won’t have Chromecast support off the bat, and the company has confirmed that there are no plans to support Google’s media dongle any time soon, which is a bummer, seeing as how the two could have made for a perfect match.

Comcast is rolling out its Xfinity Stream app to all Xfinity TV subscribers on Feb. 28. Others who have the previous app already installed on their devices will be prompted with an update that’ll transition it to Xfinity Stream, thereby killing off Xfinity TV app altogether.

Comcast also told Multichannel that Xfinity Stream is set to be the home of its Stream TV service, although a naming scheme refresh seems imminent — unless Comcast wants to perplex its users when it launches widely later this year.

Comcast Cable is one of the largest video, internet, and phone providers in the country. Although most recently, Comcast was barred from labeling itself as “America’s fastest internet,” as prescribed by the National Advertising Review Board. Comcast also recently tapped testers to try out a beta version of its Xfinity TV app for Roku devices, slated to roll out later in 2017.

Thrilled for the new Xfinity Stream app? Any thoughts about the apparent lack of Chromecast support? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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