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Future Of 'Final Fantasy XV' Looks Bright: Episode Gladiolus DLC Details Revealed, Multiplayer Mode Hinted

The latest update for Final Fantasy XV, Patch 1.05, introduced several additions such as the Booster Pack and DLC for Season Pass holders, which includes the single-handed sword Ragnarok for more powerful Warp Strikes by Noctis, and compatibility for the PlayStation 4 Pro.

It has been previously revealed that there are many more things coming for the latest installment in the long-running RPG franchise, and recent reports have now revealed more details on what players can expect.

‘Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus’ Details Revealed

Square Enix has updated the official Final Fantasy XV website to reveal more information about Episode Gladiolus, the DLC that will feature a story surrounding the party’s strongman.

According to the description of the DLC, gamers will be able to play as Gladiolus in an episode with an all-new story and a different type of gameplay, though it is unclear at this point just how different it will be from the main game.

The events of Episode Gladiolus take place at a certain point of the main game’s story wherein Gladiolus leaves the group to receive training and make himself more powerful. It would seem that Episode Gladiolus will show players what Gladiolus did during his time off from the team, including a fight with classic Final Fantasy character Gilgamesh.

Episode Gladiolus was also revealed to carry a price tag of $4.99, allowing it to be purchased as a standalone expansion. Season Pass holders, however, will receive the DLC for free, along with Episode Ignis, Episode Prompto, and the Comrades multiplayer expansion, all of which will also be sold as individual DLC.

Multiplayer Coming Soon To ‘Final Fantasy XV’

Speaking of multiplayer for Final Fantasy XV, game director Hajime Tabata discussed how the upcoming multiplayer mode will work in Final Fantasy XV in an interview with Polygon that focused on the RPG’s future.

According to Tabata, the multiplayer expansion will tie into the main game at some point in the Final Fantasy XV story. In addition, developers are focusing on allowing players to create avatars for themselves instead of using the game’s four main characters.

“So rather than having you and your friends play as these four guys and experience their journey again together, it’s more about the journey that you and your friends have together with each other in this world,” Tabata added, while admitting that there are still many other things about the multiplayer mode that he could not yet reveal.

The big news is the fact that players will be creating their own avatars, following up a previous report that highlighted a character creation tool for the multiplayer mode of Final Fantasy XV. Tabata’s description of the multiplayer mode also makes it seem similar to the multiplayer mode of Final Fantasy Type-0, wherein players are allowed to drop in and out of the game seamlessly.

Tabata also revealed his vision for the future of Final Fantasy XV as a game that will not be a one-off experience that players will leave once the main story is completed. According to Tabata, he wants players to enjoy Final Fantasy XV for many more years, which is good news for fans of Noctis and his crew.

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