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'Gears of War 4’ Valentine’s Day Updates: 2 New Maps, Night Setting And More

Play Gears of War 4 this Valentine’s Day and get lots of love coming your way. Lots of action, too.

Fans of this chaotic fun shooter game for Xbox One are getting updates this February. Gears of War 4 are all set for two new maps, a Valentine’s Day event (for one week), awesome Gear Packs, and tweaks and fixes for the game. The action-packed updates will begin on February 10.

So ready your Gears — an awesome shoot fest is coming!

Valentine’s Day Event

“Roses are red, violets are blue, Torque Bows for me, and Torque tags for you!”

Said the official announcement for the Valentine’s Day update. The celebration will begin on February 10 and last for one week. You and other players can earn new Gear Packs, as well as Valentine-themed bounties (daily). You will also get a new Craftable Character.

The sweet icing on this Valentine cake: the highly requested return of Torque Bow Tag with a Cupid twist!

Love These Two New Maps

The multiplayer maps upon Gears of War 4 were already good. But the designers asked themselves:

“How could we have made those maps play entirely different?”

The answer is these two new map designs!

The fun begins with “Impact Dark”. This is a version of the map “Impact” except this time, it has a nighttime setting. Not only for ambience change, the night mode will have visibility changes, as it will be permanently reduced by smoke “that has settled over the battlefield.”

Thus, it will force you to get closer to the action. Also, weapon swaps have been altered: Snipers have been replaced with Boltoks; Torque/EMBAR with Dropshot; and Incediaries are removed in place for Overkill.

The next map change is “War Machine”. Like the classic map albeit with a cosmetic twist.

The new War Machine is set in a COG settlement (the old train station is gone). According to the site, “signs of life are everywhere – from the active DeeBee security bay, to the train sitting at the end of the platform ready to depart.”

New place, same old action. The fight for Sniper will still be there. Ditto for fight for Torque around the pillars, and the strategic Turrets.

Guardian Improvements And Other Lovely Updates

The spawning system will introduce a new wrinkle: Leader Spawns. You can respawn in a location close to your team Leader. It is a tactical change as Leaders can conquer strategic locations on the map as his subs can respawn next to him when needed.

Coming this summer, more updates will be introduced, such as:

• “Iron Man” mode

• Level 6 Skills

• More Skills for existing classes

• New “Inconceivable” difficulty level for Campaign and Horde

And more!

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