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Hundreds of Citizens Respond to 'Register Your Attendance' Initiative at National Career Exhibition 2017

Sharjah Department of Statistics launches new scheme to enhance Emiratisation and facilitate social development programmes

Sharjah, February 16, 2017

Hundreds of UAE Nationals have been flocking to the Sharjah Department of Statistics and Community Development’s (DSCD)’s stand at the National Career Exhibition 2017 to register their interest for employment with the government body.

Taking place at Expo Centre Sharjah and concluding today (Friday), the exhibition has seen the participation of more than 70 government and private sector entities.

The first day of the exhibition on Wednesday saw DSCD launch the ‘Register Your Attendance’ data collection initiative, with the launch conducted in the presence of Sheikh Mohammed bin Humaid Al Qasimi, Director of DSCD and a number of the department’s managers. The new scheme enables DSCD to record the personal information of job seekers who visit the stand, including educational achievements, occupational status and sought after jobs.

DSCD’s team at the stand have received CVs from candidates interested in employment with the department, answered questions and queries and provided prospective employees with an invaluable opportunity to apply directly to vacant positions that meet their qualifications and the needs of DSCD.


DSCD said that it plans to share the statistical data collected at the exhibition with other governmental entities in the Emirate of Sharjah, with the aim of enhancing Emiratisation and social development in the UAE. They stated that the acquired information represents the core of a comprehensive database that will help them to determine and evaluate skills sets in relation to current market conditions.

“The ‘Register Your Attendance’ initiative launched at the National Career Exhibition enabled us to collect important data on the job market in Sharjah and the UAE. It will play a key role in providing a clear insight of market conditions and of the qualifications and skills needed at the moment,” said Sheikh Mohammed bin Humaid Al Qasimi, Director of DSCD.

“Six departments from DSCD; the Statistics Department, Data Department, Community Development Department, Support Services Department, Media and Public Relations Department and Information Technology Department, participated in the fair. Visitors to DSCD’s stand were keen to find out more about these entities, their vision and mission, their responsibilities and duties, the methods they use to of carry out their tasks and their available vacancies,” he added.

“DSCD is one of the leading government entities with regards to Emiratisation, with 95% of its employees national citizens. It is launching an eight-month training programme to harness the talents and develop the skills of newly recruited Emiratis, specifically targeting UAE Nationals who were interviewed during the National Career Exhibition. The programme features volunteering missions, brainstorming sessions and workshops to expound on the principles of statistical work,” he continued.

DSCD recently announced the results of the Sharjah Census 2015, which unveiled important information in terms of social development; including the distribution of Emirati nationals aged 15 years and above by employment status. It revealed that at the time of the census data collection, there were 113,081 Emiratis in employment (54,373 males and 58,708 females), with this figure breaking down into 31,016 men and 14,776 women who were salaried employees.

Data from the census also showed that 1,000 males and 692 females were unemployed but who had previously worked and 1,385 men and 4,098 women who were unemployed and had never worked before. It was established that 895 males and 291 females were students who were also in employment, while 8,117 males and 11,143 females were full-time students. The census found that 361 men and 16,399 women undertook domestic work, with 402 men and 1,706 women identifying themselves as being self-supported. The census revealed that there were 6,209 men and 1,710 women who were retired, with 1,306 men and 2,259 unable to work. The employment status of 3,682 men and 5,634 women was undetermined.


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