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Oman Air says image being attacked by fake Twitter account

Oman Air has revealed that a fake Twitter account has been set up in its named in an effort to damage its image and reputation.

The national carrier said in a statement that a video clip posted by a citizen aimed at damaging Oman Air has encouraged further similar activities, including the Twitter account.

It said any information or communication coming from the account, @omanairline, is “unauthorised and should be disregarded”.

It added in the statement: “Followers and valued guests have been informed that @omanair is the airline’s only official account. Government authorities have been informed about the imposter and firm legal action will be taken against the concerned individuals in accordance with the law.

“Any attempt intended to damage the reputation of the airline in an inappropriate way, will be taken further in line with the jurisdiction of the Sultanate of Oman.”

Last month, Oman Air said it will more than double its contribution to the country’s gross domestic product this year to OR900 million ($2.3 billion) as it seeks to continue expansion of its fleet and network.

The national carrier increased its GDP contribution in 2016 by 6 percent to OR415 million.

The increase came in the context of increasing global volatility, economic downturn and drastically reduced Government support from over OR100 million to just OR20 million, the airline said.

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