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Alas, The First Nintendo Switch Drop Test Hits The Web: See How Sturdy The Console Is

Well, that didn’t take long at all. The Nintendo Switch, Nintendo’s first true foray into hybrid gaming, has hit shelves on March 3, sending faithful anticipants into a frenzy, especially considering Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was concurrently released.

Here Comes The Dreaded Drop Tests For The Nintendo Switch

But like any new gadget, there’s the inevitable crash test, and the first one for the Switch has now hit the web, sending those who failed to get a Switch a slight ache in their guts. Who can stomach a perfectly functional console being dropped numerous times onto the ground on purpose?

YouTube Brandon Baldwin, via his GimoSlip channel, can, and he did such a test, for 9 minutes. While the video isn’t for the faint of heart (poor Switch!), it did prove that the system was quite sturdy, surviving eleven 5-foot drops after completely faltering to a halt.

A Pretty Sturdy System

For the first couple of drops, the system did pretty well, being hit with just a few scratches here and there, nothing too seriously system-breaking. The sturdiness went on for three, four, five drops, but at this point, the system was already visibly flanked with scratches and some cracked panels. Of course, the test doesn’t nearly mirror real-world situations, but it’s still good to know that your Switch will probably still work after a few drops, even if it hits the ground screen down.

Tests such as this isn’t estranged from GizmoSlip, who regularly tests expensive gadgetry across a number of methods, including liquid nitrogen, guillotines, and a handful more. While the test itself was too painful to watch for Switch fans who don’t have the luxury of owning one, Baldwin is at least commendable for doing what others wouldn’t even dare.

So now you know not to drop your Switch eleven times lest you want to completely destroy it. Still, it’s hard to imagine someone would be that ferociously clumsy.

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is the company’s newest system after the ill-fated Wii U, which struggled to gain any sustained momentum after spending four years in the gaming market. The Switch is marketed as a home console you can take on the go, hence the “Switch” moniker, allowing seamless shifting between docked and undocked modes. Critics have called the system “unique,” “versatile,” and “a lot more refined” than the Wii U.

Of course, user reviews are still in progress, as the system slowly finds its way into people’s homes, but the Switch is already looking pretty popular among fans. Several problems, however, are not to be ignored.

The Switch is available now for $299.

But the real question is, when will the water resistance and bend tests hit the web? Presumably soon enough, and there will be a flurry of them, for sure.

Take a look at the Nintendo Switch drop test below and feel free to sound off in the comments section if you have any thoughts!

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