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Destiny's Age Of Triumph Update Will Bring Back All Raids, Boosted To Max Light Level

For the teaser video of Age of Triumph, the last update to Destiny before developer Bungie focuses on its sequel, it was hinted that players will be returning to the Vault of Glass.

The Vault of Glass was the very first raid for the massively popular space shooter, with many players considering it as the best raid ever released for Destiny.

However, as Bungie released all the details for Age of Triumph, it was revealed that the Vault of Glass is not the only raid that is coming back to Destiny.

All Raids Returning To ‘Destiny’ In ‘Age Of Triumph’

In a Twitch livestream, Bungie detailed its plans for Age of Triumph, including something that players have heavily requested for.

The next and final major content update for Destiny will bring back all of the raids ever released for the space shooter, not just the Vault of Glass as hinted by the teaser video. In addition to the very first raid, gamers will once again be able to pay Crota’s End from The Dark Below, King’s Fall from The Taken King, and Wrath of the Machine from Rise of Iron.

The return of the old raids will be accompanied by Bungie bringing them up to the current Light Level, which are ratings of players that are determined by the gear that they have equipped. The revived raids will feature new challenge modes and will start at a Light Level of 390, while the Light cap will stay at 400 for Age of Triumph. Bungie explained that if the Light cap will be increased beyond 400, players who have not yet reached the current cap might be excluded from the returning raids.

The raids will rotate as a weekly featured raid that will come with new challenges, offering unique rewards. The legacy weapons from the older raids will be returning with the update, though Bungie has not yet revealed how exactly those weapons will be integrated into the current state of Destiny.

‘Age Of Triumph’ Features The Biggest Ever ‘Destiny’ Record Book

In addition to the raids that will be returning to Destiny, Bungie will be adding a new record book to the game. It will be the biggest record book yet for Destiny, as previously teased, as it will have 13 pages, and it will feature achievements that players may have already accomplished over the time that they have spent playing Destiny since its 2014 launch. However, according to lead designer Ryan Paradis, even players who have been with Destiny since its launch will only be less than halfway done with the record book.

Each page of the record book has a theme, such as the story mode, raids, and strikes. There are also some pages reserved for each of the three classes of Destiny, and one page specifically for the Trials of Osiris. The record book will count all achievements made by players on their entire account across all their active characters.

Players will not need to complete all the activities in the record book to acquire all the offered rewards. Gamers who are able to reach rank 7, however, will get the chance to purchase a blue T-shirt from the Bungie Store stamped with the crest of the Age of Triumph and their username printed on the sleeve.

‘Age Of Triumph’ Launch

Bungie will launch the Age of Triumph on March 28, after which it will focus on Destiny 2. The sequel was confirmed by Activision to be coming within the year.

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